Andrew Groeschel | Marriage and Family Therapist in Redmond, WA

Andrew Groeschel, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

With over 15 years of professional practice in various counseling settings, Andrew believes therapy is most effective when it focuses on finding solutions and not only revealing old patterns. He tries to share with his clients a special kind of caring curiosity and humor along with a dedicated eye toward mapping present-future aspirations. 


Andrew’s familiarity with the challenges facing a wide range of client populations - from homeless clients struggling with substance use to senior executives and their families as well as his varied academic and life experiences – informs his eclectic approach to therapy.

Andrew aims to infuse the therapeutic process with a sense of tangible possibility and creative solutions. He is very passionate about helping couples, families, and individuals experience and sustain change and feel equipped to meet the challenges of life, long after therapy ends. This passion is translated through an openness to working with a wide range of issues, from overcoming depression and substance struggles to helping clients discern their life’s calling.


An area in which he feels particularly adept is working with clients in the technology sector and other high stress professions given his own history as the husband of a wife in the tech field. 

In his work with couples, Andrew focuses on the redemptive and healing qualities of appreciation, apology, forgiveness, and possibility. Through his inclusive strengths base approach, he believes couples can revive their latent capacities for resiliency and ever deepening loving partnership.


He is open to and inspired by working with all family constellations including cross-cultural and LGBTQ clients. As with all his client work Andrew draws on his own experience by daily bringing his knowledge, his successes and foibles, as a husband and stay-at-home dad in a cross-cultural, bi-racial relationship into the therapeutic process.  He strongly believes we are all in this together.

Andrew also offers teletherapy services to clients for whom getting to office appointments can be a challenge. Teletherapy provides the convenience of counseling support on the go and where it works best for you. You no longer need to worry about childcare, parking, commute times, or explaining to your boss where you are going every week. All you need is a quiet confidential place and an Internet connection. In this rapidly changing world Andrew believes it is imperative to embrace technology as another medium through which healing and personal growth can unfold.