Jeff Hill | Therapist in Redmond

Jeff Hill, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

Jeff is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing therapy for adult clients in Kirkland and surrounding communities.

He specializes in identifying solutions for clients suffering from work stress, issues stemming from major life transitions, relationship conflict, uncertainty around life direction, and anxiety and depression from self-doubt and negative thought patterns.

For professionals experiencing communication difficulties with superiors and colleagues, managing the work from home transition, and barriers to professional growth, Jeff applies a directive, solution-focused approach to helping clients successfully navigate professional stressors. Through identifying your strengths, communication style, and personal values, he can help you recapture your sense of direction amid the confusion and ambiguity that can accompany work environments.

Concerning Issues                                                       

  • Anxiety                                                                           

  • Depression                                                                        

  • Work-Related Stress                                                        

  • Relationship Conflicts                                                      

  • Life Purpose and Fulfillment                                          

  • Life Transitions                                                                 

  • Identity Development                                                  

  • Self-Worth                                                                        

  • Life Coaching  

How Jeff can help

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Person-Centered Approach

  • Solution-Focused

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Values Clarification

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Mindfulness Focus

  • Strengths-Based

Education and Credentials

MA in Counseling from City University, Seattle, Washington

BA in Society, Ethics and Behavior, University of Washington, Bothell, Washington

For individuals wanting to identify, communicate, and advocate for unmet needs in relationships, Jeff can help facilitate personal exploration aimed at deepening relationships and building relationship fulfillment. Jeff collaborates with clients to increase self-awareness and develop insight into the barriers that prevent growth and change. He works with individuals to identify unhealthy thought patterns that fuel self-doubt and identity disturbance while working to empower clients to build lives of intention, purpose and meaning.