Keenan Kriner Therapist in Kirkland, WA

Keenan Kriner, MA, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Assoc.

Keenan has an Associate License as a Mental Health Counselor and provides therapy to clients in Washington remotely via telehealth.


He has experience with stress management, depression, and grief, among other issues. Keenan has worked with a diverse array of clients in terms of their ethnicities, ages, and presenting concerns.


Concerning Issues

·     Depression

·     Stress Management

·     Trauma

·     Crises of Meaning

·     Grief and Loss


Treatment Approaches

·     Jungian Psychology

·     Psychodynamic Therapy

·     Motivational Interviewing

·     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

·     Existential Approaches

Keenan relies on a broad perspective that is informed, among other things, by evolutionary psychology, personality measures, the writings of Carl Jung, and an interest in classics of literature and film that inform us about human nature. He uses a curious and inquisitive approach that allows clients to explore what they truly believe, think and value.


Keenan holds a Master of the Arts in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington.