Sanji Cross | Therapist for Kirkland, WA

Sanji is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing virtual therapy for clients living in Washington. 

Sanji has been working in the mental health field for over 10 years working with individuals across all ages children, adolescents, adults, varying cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. 

Sanji specializes in a client centered holistic approach when working with clients and meets them where they are at. Sanji works to build a therapeutic alliance with clients, instill trust and hope while teaching clients the tools to reduce symptoms and cope with life’s challenges.


Sanji believes in a collaborative process to establish goals and break down the steps to reach those goals. She helps clients gain a better understanding of themselves and strives to create a safe place for her clients to express themselves in a supportive environment. 



Sanji Cross, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Sanji helps her Client’s through: 

•    Client Centered Humanistic Approach

•    Holistic Approach

•    Strength Based

•    Solution Focused

•    Motivational Interviewing, 

•    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

•    Mindfulness Practices

•    Expressive Art Therapy

Concerning Issues: 

•    Anxiety

•    Depression

•    Emotional Regulation

•    Behavioral Issues

•    Stress Management

•    Relationship and Family Conflicts

•    Social and Interpersonal hardships

•    Life Adjustments and Transitions

•    Substance and Alcohol Use

Sanji takes the time to establish rapport and validate your feelings and experiences. She will help you identify barriers while educating clients on the tools to work through them. Sanji looks forward to meeting you and learning how she can support you in your counseling journey.

Education & Training

MA of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: University Nevada Las Vegas

BA of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology and Counseling: Eastern WA University