Support Groups & Classes

The Art & Practice of Self-Loving for Women

This 6-week support group for women, facilitated by Licensed Therapist Laura Meehan, will introduce and teach the art of loving one's self. Participants will learn skills in self-reflection, forgiveness, boundary setting, receptivity, quieting the mind, self-care and positive  self-talk.


Date: Each Friday from June 17 -  July 22


Time:  2:30pm -  4:00pm


Location:  Salveo Counseling Center, Sequoia Room

                   The Village Square Complex

                   16150 NE 85th Street, Suite 121

                   Redmond, WA 98052

Cost: $300 for 6-week session



Space is limited. Call Salveo Counseling at 425-868-5777 to reserve your place.





The Art & Practice of Self-Loving Support Group