Is it the Blues or Depression?


Depression is not a personal failing or weakness of character.  It is a medical condition which can be diagnosed and treated successfully.  Are your recent aches and pains a possible sign of depression?    Read More

When is Anger a Problem?


Is your temper negatively impacting your relationships and career?  Whether you experience road rage or feel like you might lose your cool with your boss, stress or even your diet may be the culprit.  Read More

 Welcome to Salveo!


Specializing in compassionate & knowledgeable practitioners in a warm setting.  We celebrate the individuality of our clients and enjoy the creative and collaborative process of healing the whole person.

Seeking Counseling for your Child?

Redmond Youth Counseling provides compassionate, skilled behavioral healthcare for the younger members of our community. Serving children ages 4+, teens, and young adults dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship and behavioral issues as well as self-harm and eating disorders.   Read More