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Therapy Specialities Postpartum Depression


Treatment and support for mothers postpartum

Postpartum depression is a hormonal condition that affects individuals who have recently given birth, identified by symptoms that significantly impact the quality of life postpartum. Like other forms of depression, postpartum is not a personal failing but a medical condition that deserves proper treatment and compassion.

If the condition is left untreated, it may last for a longer time. With treatment and support, clients can get back to a healthy mental state.

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    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland

    Helps with: Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Complex Trauma, Addiction, Self Esteem, Women's Issues, Grief, Interpersonal Issues, LGBTQIA+ Support, ADHD, Autism, OCD

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    Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Behavioral Issues, Stress Management, Relationship and Family Conflicts, Social and Interpersonal Hardships, Life Adjustments and Transitions, Substance and Alcohol Use, ADHD, OCD, Autism


    Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Emotional Regulation, ADHD, Autism, Couples & Families, Domestic Violence, Trauma


    Helps with: Codependency, School Readiness, Childhood Development, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Development, Prenatal & Postpartum Depression, Panic, Phobias, Attachment Wounds, Trauma, Grief, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, OCD, Self Esteem, Infertility, LGBTQIA+ Support, Individuals Struggling with Family Conflict

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    Locations: Salvéo Youth Counseling

    Helps with: ADHD, Anxiety, Attachment Disorders, Bipolar, Parenting, Cultural Issues, Domestic Violence Recovery, Depression, Family Dysfunction, LGBTQIA+ Support, Chronic Medical Illness, Mood Disorders, Trauma, Panic, Phobias, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Self Esteem, Stress, Self Harm, Women's Issues, Emotional Regulation, Pregnancy Stress, Postpartum Disorders 

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    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Redmond, Salvéo Youth Counseling

    Helps with: ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Cultural Issues, Domestic Violence Recovery, Individuals Struggling with Family Conflict, LGBTQIA+ Support, Parenting, Postpartum Disorders, Trauma, Panic, Stress, Suicidal Thoughts, Women's Issues

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