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Therapy Styles Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


Accepting emotions, committing to change

ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) helps clients validate their emotional responses to current life circumstances. Once these emotions are acknowledged, the therapist guides clients through acceptance and provides coping tools to help with future stress or triggers.

The National Library of Medicine did a meta-analysis that found ACT is effective in treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and somatic health problems. The main goal of ACT is to help clients to accept the duality of life; sometimes happy, sometimes sad and to be okay with that. The goal is to create a meaningful life of purpose and wellbeing.

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Meet ourACT Therapists


    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Complex Trauma, Addiction, Self Esteem, Women's Issues, Grief, Interpersonal Issues, LGBTQIA+ Support, ADHD, Autism, OCD


    Locations: Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Eating Disorders, OCD, Anxiety, Trauma/ PTSD, Religious Trauma, Gender Identity Exploration, Depression


    Locations: Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Work Life Balance, Anxiety, Depression, Parenting, Couples & Families, Spirituality, End of Life, Grief, Addiction, Trauma, Suicidal Thoughts


    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Redmond, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Relationship issues, Trauma, Sexual issues, Life transitions, Depression, Infidelity, Betrayal trauma, Anxiety, Sexual trauma

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