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About Our Practice

Excellence in behavioral health private practice 

Salveo (Latin) sal-vay-oh: A state of well-being; to be well; to be in good health; I am well

Salveo Counseling is owned and operated by local Pacific Northwest counselors focused on providing excellent behavioral healthcare to our greater Seattle area neighbors. Founded in 2008 on the principles of compassion and competency, we greet each customer with acceptance and warmth. We work to increase accessibility to private behavioral healthcare, making it affordable and convenient. We strive to provide relief and healing, in therapeutic and convenient settings, facilitated by compassionate and competent counselors.  

Our Mission

Compassion: Our primary goal as counselors is to meet our clients in their grief, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, stress or whatever state they may find themselves. We lead with compassion which is essential to creating a trusting, therapeutic relationship. In addition, we have a skilled administrative staff who provide kind, competent scheduling and billing support to clients and their loved ones seeking care.

Competency: We invest in increasing the competency of our providers. Salveo counselors are supported in their growth via internal supervision, regular consults, and outside trainings. 

Accessibility: Finances and the complicated nature of insurance plans are often a barrier to behavioral healthcare. We strive to facilitate accessibility by accepting most commercial insurance plans and offer discounted rates for those struggling financially. Further, we are preferred providers with most plans, and process claims directly with insurance companies. Our friendly front desk staff is available to explain insurance benefits to clients.

Convenience: We offer both virtual and in-person sessions. Our office locations are chosen for their convenience, safety and therapeutic capacity. We monitor the needs of our community and seek to create new therapeutic spaces when these factors align. 

Therapeutic Setting: Individual offices are decorated in a soulful, intentional manner which facilitates a pleasant backdrop to strong therapeutic work.

Our Vision

There is a great benefit to the individual and community when excellent private behavioral healthcare is accessible and utilized. We believe in the efficacy and profound impact counseling has on individuals, families, and the world at large. We aspire to increase accessibility and availability of high quality care in the greater Pacific Northwest region.

Meet our Leadership Team


Accessible Counseling

We prioritize keeping therapy accessible to the broadest range of our Pacific Northwest neighbors. That’s why we:

  • Accept most insurance plans
  • Offer affordable payment options
  • Provide evening, weekend, and same-day appointments
  • Offer virtual and in-person appointments

We support our communities

We believe in giving back to the communities where we and our clients work and live. A portion of proceeds from sessions are thoughtfully donated to the following worthy organizations.

Assistance League of the Eastside

Supporting children & adults challenged by financial hardships, unmet needs, and violence by restoring confidence, hope, and dignity. Programs include Help4Homeless, Assault Survivor Kits, Operation School Bell, and Operation Starting Over. 

Assistance League of the Eastside

BEST Alliance (Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking)

The BEST Alliance provides education and training to employees of businesses that may have the most exposure to human trafficking victims. Workers in maritime, aviation, transportation, hospitality, and a variety of other industries are key to spotting and reporting suspicious activity. 

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking comes in two forms, forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking happens when (1) fraud, force, or coercion are used to pressure a person into work or the sex trade or (2) a minor performs a sex act for payment. 

In addition to training, BEST supports businesses to implement BEST practices and to communicate publicly about their social impact.

BEST Alliance


Warm, welcoming, and skilled therapy since 2008

Meeting clients where they are and assisting them in navigating a path to where they want to be.

salvéo (Latin) sal-vay-oh
1. I am well, healthy
2. Be well, in good health

We work with most major insurance carriers and offer reasonable private pay rates so patients can access quality behavioral healthcare at affordable prices.


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