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Meet life transitions with bravery and clarity

Change can take many forms in our lives, both positive and negative. Still, those transitions can feel overwhelming, no matter the size. That can be due to a person’s previous trauma around change or general mental well-being at the time of the transition.

A therapist can provide encouragement and context to address confusing patterns of behavior and help you adjust to the new version of your life post-transition. This may also help clients adapt to changes that arise in the future with more ease.

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    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Complex Trauma, Addiction, Adjustment Disorders, Low self-esteem, Women's Issues, Grief/loss, Co-occurring Disorders, Interpersonal Issues, LGBTQIA+, Addiction, ADHD, OCD, Autism


    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: ADHD, Family Conflict, Grief and Loss, OCD, School Anxiety & Stress, Life Transitions, Medical Diagnosis, Relationship Issues, Eating disorders, Trauma

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    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Redmond

    Helps with: Depression, Grief/Loss, Self-Esteem, Shame and Guilt, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Childhood and Domestic Abuse, Trauma, Anxiety, Spirituality, Eating Disorders, Suicidal Thoughts, Sexuality, Sleep disorders, Couples

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    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland, Virtual Telehealth Sessions, Salvéo Counseling Redmond

    Helps with: Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Chronic Illness, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Grief/Loss, Life Adjustments, Life Transitions, Life Purpose/Meaning, Personal Identity, Premarital Concerns and Preparation, Relationship Conflicts, Marital Conflicts/Challenges, Self-Esteem, Shame, Spirituality, Spiritual Abuse, Social and Interpersonal Hardships, Work Related Problems, Sexuality Related Concerns, and Trauma

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    Locations: Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Attachment Wounds, Life Transitions, Improve Relationships

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