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Therapy Styles Movement and Yoga Therapy


Finding and processing emotions held in the body

Movement and Yoga Therapy draws from both Eastern and Western traditions to understand how emotions and stressors are held in the body. Clients will be guided by therapists through ways to connect to their physical body and learn how to process complex emotions through movement.

The American Psychological Association points to a growing body of research that supports yoga as a practical tool to support mental health therapy. Many client's find the incorporation of movement into their sessions a holistic experience to bring mind and body into harmony.

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Meet ourMovement & Yoga Therapists


    Locations: Salvéo Counseling Kirkland, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, Work Stress, School Stress, Trauma, LGBTQIA+ Support, Identity & Values Development


    Locations: Salvéo Youth Counseling, Virtual Telehealth Sessions

    Helps with: Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Self-Esteem Issues, Mood Disorders, Trauma and Abuse, Stress Management, Panic, Women's Issues, LGBTQIA+ Support, OCD

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