Professional Coaching & Counseling

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most exciting places to

pursue a professional career.  A myriad of interesting small and

medium businesses as well as large corporations such as

Microsoft, Nintendo, Amazon and Boeing, can provide great

opportunities for professional growth and advancement.  

Along with the prestige of employment and the security of a

paycheck, individuals can also experience job-related stress which

effects not only job performance but their personal relationships

and health.  If you feel anxious before, during or after a day of

work and cannot remember the last time you felt a sense of contentment with your job, you may benefit from Professional Coaching and Counseling.  

Salveo Counseling therapists and nurse practitioners understand the challenges of a professional experiencing stress and anxiety with their career.  We have years of experience helping employees from every local business sector manage their stress and better navigate the psychology of the workplace matrix.

Utilizing EMDR, Lifespan Integration, Mindfulness, psychiatric medications and an array of other traditional and innovative techniques, clients can refocus, maximize their potential and create healthier relationships in and out of the workplace.