: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something 

(such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)

: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something


When activities or substances negatively impact a person's health,

relationships, finances or career, and they are unable to stop, they may be

experiencing an addiction.  


The first step to recovery is determining whether you are actually dealing with an addiction and admitting that you need help. The path to recovery can include support groups, addiction treatment centers and individual therapy.  Counseling with an experienced therapist is a great first step and provides a personal, targeted approach to healing.              


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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) -

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) -

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) -

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) -

Heroin Anonymous (HA) -

Marijuana Anonymous (MA) -

Pills Anonymous (PA) (Recovery from prescription pill addiction) -

Nicotine Anonymous (NicA) -

Smokers Anonymous (SA) -

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) -





Addiction in Family -

Families Anonymous (FA) (Support for relatives and friends of addicts) -

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA or ACOA) -

Al-Anon Family Groups and Alateen (Recovery for friends and family of alcoholics) -

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Help for Addictions and Substance Abuse

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