Counseling Support for Digipen Students


Redmond's Digipen Institute of Technology is a top choice for many students

pursuing the dream of a career in the high-tech gaming industry.  Much like their

professional counterparts already in the work-force, these students may

experience great opportunities for growth as well as the common

challenges of project deadlines and working effectively with seemingly difficult



Salveos experience

Located in downtown Redmond, Salveo Counseling Center Therapists have

provided support to hundreds of employees from every level of the Seattle

area high-tech gaming and software industries.  We have also provided

counseling to dozens of Digipen students over the years.  We understand

what is necessary to succeed in the fast-paced, creative environments of

Microsoft, Nintendo, Amazon and great gaming schools like Digipen.


Here's how we can help

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with instructors & fellow students

  • Navigate smoothly through awkward social situations

  • Learn the tools for managing assignment and work-load stress

  • Create lifestyle habits to fend off depression

  • Cultivate a healthy work / play life balance 

  • Enjoy a safe place where you can talk through thoughts and feelings


We can schedule your first appointment today.  Salveo accepts all major insurance plans and offers a sliding scale.  Give us a call for more information.