Dominique Walmsley  

PhD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dominique Walmsley is a licensed mental health counselor serving Redmond and surrounding communities. Here's what Dominique has to say about how she helps clients;


As an experiential therapist, I put significant emphasis on the work that happens during therapy sessions. I focus on the movements of your inner life as well as your relationships, which could be called your “outer life.” Individuals, couples, and families all have inner and outer lives.


I work collaboratively with you, aiming for the results that we determine together. I focus on your expressed needs, tracking your progress, history, and the journey that is taking place. The process may be short and problem-based, or it might require longer, deeper exploration. We work together to determine the length of your therapy.

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Along the way to health, some changes temporarily bring discomfort. This is normal for any growth process, and even for life itself. In therapy, we can address these consequences, ensuring that our work supports your long-term well-being. Given the many variables of this healing process, and of the life of any individual, we cannot precisely predict outcomes. I periodically assess your progress and discuss future treatment with you. If it is necessary, I will refer you to another professional.

Through my unique education in psychology based on philosophy at Seattle University, where I received my MA, and currently in my doctoral studies at Saybrook University, I can go beyond the medical approach to mental health.


I have specialized in relationship wellness, including being a certified sex therapist, and Emotionally Focused couples therapist, a divorce mediator and a post-divorce co-parenting coach. Since traumatic experiences are often the origins of emotional distress, I have studied trauma extensively.

I am a curious person, interested in philosophy, belief systems, people, and how life works. I constantly observe my own experiences with nutrition, exercise, and philosophy to learn more about what these feel like. I gather all of this information about life so I can share it with my clients.