Meet Your Provider

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Monica Steadman, MSW, LICSW

Mental Health Therapist

Clinical Supervisor

Serena Konkin | Therapist in Redmond, WA

Serena Konkin, MA, LMFTA 

Mental Health Therapist

Gregory DeKlever | Therapist in Redmond, WA
Amy Lunde | Therapisti Redmond, WA
Lisa Peterson is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Redmond, WA
Ellen Mattson-Hagglund is a licensed therapist in Redmond, WA

Lauren Alfieri, MA, LMHCA

Mental Health Therapist Associate

Lisa Peterson, MSN, ARNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Julia Digenan, MSW, LICSWA

Mental Health Therapist Associate

Cami Kaltbrunner is a Licensed Therapist in Redmond, WA
Tina Corbaley is a licensed therapist in Redmond, WA
Susan Fee is a licensed therapist in Redmond, WA

Cami Kaltbrunner, MA, LMFT

Mental Health Therapist

Tina Corbaley, MA, LMHC

Mental Health Therapist

Trish Lindberg

Mental Health Counselor Intern

Executive Director

Wonderful Support Staff

Sheraden Kimball

Intake Coordinator


Tina Segura

Intake Coordinator


Vikki Kandola

Intake Coordinator

Administrative Supervisor


Shirley Rullan

Credentialing and Onboarding Coordinator